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masterUpgrade the common simple case of creating a wx.PySimpleApp instanceOlly Betts7 months
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2014-09-14Upgrade the common simple case of creating a wx.PySimpleApp instanceHEADmasterOlly Betts
2014-09-12Add some tips from Scott TalbertOlly Betts
2014-09-05Flag up wx.PySimpleAppOlly Betts
2014-09-05wx.DD_NEW_DIR_BUTTON is 0 in 2.8 and 3.0Olly Betts
2014-08-31Add note about deprecation of wx.PySimpleAppOlly Betts
2014-08-30wx.FILE_MUST_EXIST -> wx.FD_FILE_MUST_EXISTOlly Betts
2014-08-18Improve READMEOlly Betts
2014-08-18Check if wxversion is in use and warning that it needs checkingOlly Betts
2014-08-18Under --wx26update, also update EVT_MENU, etc to wx.EVT_MENU, etcOlly Betts
2014-08-18Add more constants and classes to wx26idsOlly Betts