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debwiki-themeWIPPaul Wise3 years
masterIgnore the IP address whitelisting filesPaul Wise9 days
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9 daysIgnore the IP address whitelisting filesHEADmasterPaul Wise
11 daysFix IP address detectionPaul Wise
11 daysFix permissionsPaul Wise
11 daysWhitelist all tor exit nodes that allow access to the wikiPaul Wise
11 daysAllow simple whitelisting of IP addressesPaul Wise
11 daysIgnore IP address list files that do not existPaul Wise
2014-10-09Verify the Launchpad API X.509 certificate against the right CAPaul Wise
2014-09-17Use long-form options in scripts for readabilityPaul Wise
2014-09-17Ensure curl returns a failure code when it gets HTTP error codesPaul Wise
2014-07-14Make release dates available to wiki pages too.Paul Wise