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debwiki-themeWIPPaul Wise3 years
masterSimple text test utilSteve McIntyre7 days
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7 daysSimple text test utilHEADmasterSteve McIntyre
2014-10-14Ignore the IP address whitelisting filesPaul Wise
2014-10-13Fix IP address detectionPaul Wise
2014-10-13Fix permissionsPaul Wise
2014-10-13Whitelist all tor exit nodes that allow access to the wikiPaul Wise
2014-10-12Allow simple whitelisting of IP addressesPaul Wise
2014-10-12Ignore IP address list files that do not existPaul Wise
2014-10-09Verify the Launchpad API X.509 certificate against the right CAPaul Wise
2014-09-17Use long-form options in scripts for readabilityPaul Wise
2014-09-17Ensure curl returns a failure code when it gets HTTP error codesPaul Wise