BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debwiki-themeWIPPaul Wise4 years
masterReimplement the new-account-check wrapper in perl to avoid shell substitution...Steve McIntyre6 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysReimplement the new-account-check wrapper in perl to avoid shell substitution...HEADmasterSteve McIntyre
12 daysMove new-account-check and add a wrapper around it to fail closedSteve McIntyre
12 daysTweak number of required edits in check-spammerSteve McIntyre
2015-01-25Stop mailing log rotation outputSteve McIntyre
2015-01-12Add debwiki themePaul Wise
2015-01-07Work around curl not being able to verify service certsPaul Wise
2015-01-06Finish cleanupSteve McIntyre
2015-01-06Undo variable refactoringSteve McIntyre
2015-01-06Refactor cron jobs a littleSteve McIntyre
2015-01-06Add date header for cron output into a log fileSteve McIntyre