BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
backupResolve more elegantly package hint files for python plugins.Jonas Smedegaard7 months
experimentalFix apache2-dev dependency, and postinst and prerm scripts.Janos Guljas2 years
masterPrepare for release: Update changelog and control file.Jonas Smedegaard5 days
master-experimentalPrepare for release: Update changelog, control file and copyright hints.Jonas Smedegaard4 days
openjdk-7Cleanup uwsgibuild log files after the build.Janos Guljas2 years
php-and-rackAdd manpages for rack_ruby{18,191} and fix rack postinst and prerm.Janos Guljas2 years
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for uwsgi_2.0.6~dfsg.orig.tar.gzJonas Smedegaard2 weeks
tmp/refactoringAdd stem-based variable plugin_flavor_prefix.Jonas Smedegaard2 weeks
upstreamImported Upstream version 2.0.6~dfsgJonas Smedegaard2 weeks
wheezyRelease 1.2.3+dfsg-5+deb7u1Janos Guljas13 months
debian/2.0.6_dfsg-7+exp1commit 6fa8daec43...Jonas Smedegaard4 days
debian/2.0.6_dfsg-7commit 534877bb15...Jonas Smedegaard5 days
debian/2.0.6_dfsg-6commit 43052debb7...Jonas Smedegaard6 days
debian/2.0.6_dfsg-5commit 0817540fc0...Jonas Smedegaard7 days
debian/2.0.6_dfsg-4commit f696c73993...Jonas Smedegaard7 days
debian/2.0.6_dfsg-3commit cafd57a364...Jonas Smedegaard9 days
debian/2.0.6_dfsg-2commit 25aef892a5...Jonas Smedegaard2 weeks
debian/2.0.6_dfsg-1commit 5526de76e5...Jonas Smedegaard2 weeks
upstream/2.0.6_dfsgcommit a733301b10...Jonas Smedegaard2 weeks
2.0.6commit b1669d1887...Unbit4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysPrepare for release: Update changelog and control file.HEADdebian/2.0.6_dfsg-7masterJonas Smedegaard
5 daysFix mention in long descriptions all plugins missing on some archs.Jonas Smedegaard
6 daysRevert "Avoid Ceph/RADOS plugin package (temporarily, to maybe get faster int...Jonas Smedegaard
6 daysPrepare for release: Update changelog and control file.debian/2.0.6_dfsg-6Jonas Smedegaard
6 daysFix have uwsgi-app-integration-plugins depend on uwsgi-plugin-luajit only on ...Jonas Smedegaard
6 daysFix depend on proper rack package for package uwsgi-plugin-fiber. Thanks to p...Jonas Smedegaard
6 daysEase backporting: Build-depend (as fallback for ruby-all-dev) on ruby1.9.1 an...Jonas Smedegaard
6 daysFix clean autogenerated uwsgi-core install file.Jonas Smedegaard
7 daysPrepare for release: Update changelog.debian/2.0.6_dfsg-5Jonas Smedegaard
7 daysFix resolve Java include path (use $DEB_HOST_ARCH for outer part, and $JAVA_A...Jonas Smedegaard