BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRelease 0.9.6-4.David Martínez Moreno13 months
upstreamImported Upstream version 0.9.6David Martínez Moreno15 months
debian/0.9.6-4commit fc11a39d3e...David Martínez Moreno13 months
debian/0.9.6-3commit 5c95141f36...David Martínez Moreno14 months
debian/0.9.6-2commit bf5d5dd580...David Martínez Moreno14 months
debian/0.9.6-1commit 39ceb1ea92...David Martínez Moreno14 months
upstream/0.9.6commit 25d0b98e78...David Martínez Moreno15 months
upstream/0.9commit d8854707f7...Sebastian Reichel3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-01-17Release 0.9.6-4.HEADdebian/0.9.6-4masterDavid Martínez Moreno
2014-01-17* debian/control: This new API breaks bokken << 1.7.David Martínez Moreno
2014-01-16debian/watch: Updated as it seems that pancake is releasing .tar.xz now.David Martínez Moreno
2014-01-04* debian/control: Switched Sebastian and myself as Maintainer/Uploader.debian/0.9.6-3David Martínez Moreno
2014-01-02* I'm stupid, I have been injecting paths with '-amd64' instead ofdebian/0.9.6-2David Martínez Moreno
2014-01-01Updated description and release 0.9.6-1.debian/0.9.6-1David Martínez Moreno
2014-01-01Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5 (no changes).David Martínez Moreno
2013-12-28* Made a clarification in the features for the new version about theDavid Martínez Moreno
2013-12-25* This release has been built in a pbuilder environment, which is totallyDavid Martínez Moreno
2013-12-22debian/patches:David Martínez Moreno