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debianmunin-async.README.Debian: Fix two typos, thanks to Francois Gouget. (Closes:...Holger Levsen5 months
debian-bpo-wheezyrelease as 2.0.21-2~bpo70+3Holger Levsen10 months
debian-experimentalUpdate test dependenciesStig Sandbeck Mathisen4 weeks
develcgi/g: using the while(fetch) idiomSteve Schnepp5 months
master2.1.9Steve Schnepp9 months
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for munin_2.1.10.orig.tar.gzStig Sandbeck Mathisen4 months
squeezerelease to squeeze-ltsHolger Levsen8 months
stable-2.0Adding 2.0.25Steve Schnepp5 months
upstreamImported Upstream version 2.0.24Stig Sandbeck Mathisen6 months
upstream-experimentalImported Upstream version 2.1.11Stig Sandbeck Mathisen4 weeks
upstream/2.1.11commit e65f272763...Stig Sandbeck Mathisen4 weeks
debian/2.0.25-1_bpo70+1commit fbd72a4bfd...Holger Levsen4 months
debian/2.0.25-1commit f8fd309d19...Holger Levsen5 months
2.0.25commit 2540951682...Steve Schnepp5 months
2.0.24-1_bpo70+1commit df53f6bba3...Holger Levsen5 months
debian/2.0.24-1commit 0f9bc2caec...Stig Sandbeck Mathisen6 months
upstream/2.0.24commit 11f73babc0...Stig Sandbeck Mathisen6 months
2.0.24commit 1e904d463f...Steve Schnepp6 months
2.0.23-1commit b77bcdf39a...Holger Levsen6 months
2.0.23commit 9c231e405b...Steve Schnepp6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-07-212.1.9HEAD2.1.9masterSteve Schnepp
2014-07-21Merge commit '814417f' into develSteve Schnepp
2014-07-21Merge remote branch 'pull/233' into develSteve Schnepp
2014-07-20Merge pull request #241 from ssm/feature/log-levelStig Sandbeck Mathisen
2014-07-20Update documentation with --screen and --debugStig Sandbeck Mathisen
2014-07-20Use options --screen and --debugStig Sandbeck Mathisen
2014-07-20Ensure that switching between log outputs works as intendedStig Sandbeck Mathisen
2014-07-20Silence logging during testsStig Sandbeck Mathisen
2014-07-20Handle --debug and --screen options for log level and outputStig Sandbeck Mathisen
2014-07-20Set default screen log level to "critical"Stig Sandbeck Mathisen