BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debianUpload to unstableTollef Fog Heen21 months
masterRemove XS-X-Collab-Maint from debian/control, it seems it didn't take offTollef Fog Heen5 years
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for mlocate_0.23.1.orig.tar.gzTollef Fog Heen4 years
upstreamImported Upstream version 0.21.1Adeodato Simó6 years
debian/0.21.1-2commit edbe3e52d5...Adeodato Simó6 years
debian/0.21.1-1commit 9a30cf5e24...Adeodato Simó6 years
upstream/0.21.1commit a12a3eb733...Adeodato Simó6 years
debian/0.21-1commit c1cf3d85a8...Adeodato Simó7 years
upstream/0.21commit 32e320867b...Adeodato Simó7 years
debian/0.20-2commit 2deb100ebf...Adeodato Simó7 years
debian/0.20-1commit a33069b89a...Adeodato Simó7 years
upstream/0.20commit b423d06974...Adeodato Simó7 years
debian/0.19-1commit 991ec98b32...Adeodato Simó7 years
upstream/0.19commit 61a422c24a...Adeodato Simó7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-06-13Upload to unstableHEADdebianTollef Fog Heen
2013-06-13rm -rf /var/lib/mlocate on purge, don't just take out single files. Closes: #...Tollef Fog Heen
2013-06-13Fix up locking in cron.daily. Closes: #611096Tollef Fog Heen
2013-06-13The filesystem type for Lustre is lustre, not lustre_lite. Update updatedb.c...Tollef Fog Heen
2013-06-13Close bugsTollef Fog Heen
2013-06-13New upstream releaseTollef Fog Heen
2013-06-13Merge branch 'upstream' into debianTollef Fog Heen
2012-09-22Release mlocate-0.26Miloslav Trmač
2012-09-22Add option -A, --all that requires all patterns to match.Miloslav Trmač
2012-06-25Make sure the test suite is up-to-date before running itMiloslav Trmač