BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.8.xPrepare 0.8.21~ablgSID+1.Stephan Sürken18 months
1.0.xpylint 1.3.1: Fix two new warnings (indeed buggy code which may lead to probl...Stephan Sürken9 days
masterdebian/changelog: Just use 1.1.0 as version string.Stephan Sürken9 days
debian/1.0.5commit 64f7b7dbc2...Stephan Sürken7 weeks
debian/1.0.4commit 5f9ce697e6...Stephan Sürken4 months
debian/1.0.3commit f187b979d8...Stephan Sürken6 months
debian/1.0.2commit b61a4ebf41...Stephan Sürken7 months
debian/1.0.1commit c3b3a4f623...Stephan Sürken7 months
debian/1.0.0commit ace515864c...Stephan Sürken9 months
debian/1.0.0_rc.5commit 3434b98e15...Stephan Sürken10 months
debian/1.0.0_rc.4commit 5131506d60...Stephan Sürken10 months
debian/1.0.0_rc.3commit 0f2916ef09...Stephan Sürken11 months
debian/1.0.0_rc.2commit 93a3962f35...Stephan Sürken11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 daysdebian/changelog: Just use 1.1.0 as version string.HEADmasterStephan Sürken
9 daysMerge branch '1.0.x'Stephan Sürken
9 dayspylint 1.3.1: Fix two new warnings (indeed buggy code which may lead to probl...1.0.xStephan Sürken
9 codeversion guesser: Use ~CODENAME (was: CODENAME) for rollingStephan Sürken
9 daysMerge branch '1.0.x'Stephan Sürken
2014-11-14control: Update debootstrap suggested version to 1.0.64.Stephan Sürken
2014-11-05debian/control: Update Stds-Ver to 3.9.6 (no changes needed).Stephan Sürken
2014-11-05debian/po/nl.po: Add dutch translation.Stephan Sürken
2014-11-04doc/user.rst: Document Bug 768046.Stephan Sürken
2014-10-26Prepare 1.0.5 release.debian/1.0.5Stephan Sürken