BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ltrace-0.7Fix compile warning about unused typedefPeter Wu19 months
masterDocument import directivesРоман Донченко30 hours
pmachata/0.7-mipsmergemips: Move mipsel to mips (3/3)Oliver Spornitz19 months
pmachata/aarch64Update NEWS, READMEPetr Machata14 months
pmachata/dima-rebaseadded test for the DWARF aliased-symbol fixDima Kogan8 months
pmachata/dlattachAdd a test case for tracing dlopened libraries in attached processesPetr Machata2 years
pmachata/ifuncAdd NEWS blurbPetr Machata18 months
pmachata/irelativeReorder elements in struct ltelfPetr Machata2 years
pmachata/mipsTracing PLT-less MIPS binariesFaraz Shahbazker2 months
ppc64leSupport for ppc64le (Little Endian and ABIv2) Add new testsuite/ltrace.main/p...Thierry Fauck12 months
0.7.3commit 37ecc41b58...Petr Machata19 months
0.7.2commit d66c8b11fa...Petr Machata2 years
0.7.1commit 3a0bdc8751...Petr Machata2 years
0.7.0commit 39a564538a...Petr Machata2 years
0.6.0commit 5f30bc318e...Petr Machata3 years
0.5.3commit 1637655616...Juan Cespedes6 years
0.5.2commit c547616e4f...Juan Cespedes6 years
0.5.1commit 28946486de...Juan Cespedes6 years
0.5commit c53309ef99...Ian Wienand9 years
0.4commit e9cb050943...Ian Wienand9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
30 hoursDocument import directivesHEADmasterРоман Донченко
30 hoursAdd an ability to import config files into other config filesРоман Донченко
31 hoursIn parse_typedef_name, delegate identifier-parsing to parse_identPetr Machata
31 hoursUse try_parse_kwd to when parsing built-in typesPetr Machata
31 hoursIn protolibs, allow return types starting with string "typedef"Petr Machata
5 daysFix running XDG_CONFIG_DIRS.exp with ValgrindРоман Донченко
8 daysThe pre-named lenses are unownedPetr Machata
11 daysFix a memory leak in populate_this_symtabРоман Донченко
13 daysFix warnings in compilation of test-suite casesPetr Machata
13 daysFix XDG_CONFIG_DIRS.exp failing when ltrace needs LD_LIBRARY_PATH to runРоман Донченко