BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix source package nameJulian Andres Klode3 years
debian/2.6.38-5ac2commit cc8919992d...Julian Andres Klode4 years
debian/2.6.38-5ac1commit 6b0f1a94f4...Julian Andres Klode4 years
debian/2.6.38-5commit c7953294d2...Julian Andres Klode4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-03-27Fix source package nameHEADmasterJulian Andres Klode
2012-03-27Fix sublevelJulian Andres Klode
2012-03-27Release 3.0.0-6ac1 (based on 3.0.19, despite the version number)Julian Andres Klode
2012-03-27debian/templates/ Add a bugs fieldJulian Andres Klode
2012-03-27debian/rules.real: Unset SUBLEVEL instead of EXTRAVERSIONJulian Andres Klode
2012-03-27[arm] ac100: Configuration updatesJulian Andres Klode
2012-03-27[arm] ac100: Update config for 3.0 treeJulian Andres Klode
2012-03-27patches: Disable non-applying patchesJulian Andres Klode
2012-03-27Remove more unneeded packages (installer, mx5, omap)Julian Andres Klode
2012-03-27Use xz compression at level 6 instead of gz, much smallerJulian Andres Klode