BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
experimentalUpdate changelog entryRoss Gammon6 weeks
masterAdd patch to fix import of UTF-8 gedcomsRoss Gammon2 days
pristine-tarUpdate pristine-tar branch with change to ~dfsgRoss Gammon8 weeks
up-gramps40Update README.Debian to explain the purpose of the up-gramps40 branchRoss Gammon4 months
up-gramps41Merge remote-tracking branch 'gramps/maintenance/gramps41' into up-gramps41Ross Gammon2 days
upstreamImported Upstream version 4.1.0+dfsgRoss Gammon2 months
debian/4.1.0_dfsg-1commit 9db9c28f0f...IOhannes m zmölnig6 days
debian/4.1.0_dfsg-1_exp1commit 11745429a3...IOhannes m zmölnig8 weeks
upstream/4.1.0_dfsgcommit a80ea5ed94...Ross Gammon8 weeks
debian/4.0.4+dfsg-2commit 62953718ac...IOhannes m zmölnig4 months
gramps-4.1.0commit 4141b7e34a...Jérôme Rapinat4 months
gramps-4.1.0-alpha2commit 08a11d6e7e...Ross Gammon4 months
gramps-4.1.0-alpha1commit 72320381a6...Ross Gammon4 months
debian/4.0.4+dfsg-1commit 1d4adf6819...IOhannes m zmölnig5 months
gramps-3.4.8commit af39c293b7...Jérôme Rapinat5 months
upstream/4.0.4+dfsgtag b0eeab2434...Ross Gammon5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysAdd patch to fix import of UTF-8 gedcomsHEADmasterRoss Gammon
2 daysStart new Debian versionRoss Gammon
6 daysReady for upload to unstabledebian/4.1.0_dfsg-1IOhannes m zmölnig
6 daysBumped standards to 3.9.6IOhannes m zmölnig
7 daysSet distribution to unstableRoss Gammon
7 daysUse latest patches from experimental versionRoss Gammon
7 daysDrop lintian override as COPY file now removed and linked to system versionRoss Gammon
7 daysUpdate NEWS file version & dateRoss Gammon
7 daysMerge branch 'experimental'Ross Gammon
2014-09-10Update changelog entryexperimentalRoss Gammon