BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bts658526Add spelling fix for "writting".Stephen Kitt3 years
gnatRelease.Stephen Kitt5 months
ieeelocaleInitial configuration with IEEE locale (for #617686).Stephen Kitt2 years
libgompMerge branch 'libgomp' of git+ssh:// Kitt24 months
lp876930Export all relevant flags from dpkg-buildflags.Stephen Kitt3 years
masterEnsure README.Debian is installed in gcc-mingw-w64-base (Closes: #757259).Stephen Kitt4 months
pthreadsSupport optional pthreads (first step to libgomp support).Stephen Kitt2 years
ubuntu-bootstrapRestore VCS information.Stephen Kitt4 years
wheezyAdd bug number for Squeeze-Wheezy transition and amd64 binaries.Stephen Kitt2 years
debian/14.2commit 296252573f...Stephen Kitt4 months
debian/14.1commit 0cca974620...Stephen Kitt5 months
gnat-mingw-w64/14commit 3503e0539a...Stephen Kitt5 months
debian/14commit 8175c66423...Stephen Kitt5 months
gnat-mingw-w64/13commit 13a349d981...Stephen Kitt8 months
debian/13commit b8256f40d4...Stephen Kitt8 months
debian/12+exp1commit f30fe31105...Stephen Kitt10 months
gnat-mingw-w64/12.1commit e384535a7f...Stephen Kitt11 months
gnat-mingw-w64/12commit 74d0b00b84...Stephen Kitt11 months
debian/12commit b6bbfb4be9...Stephen Kitt12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-08-17Ensure README.Debian is installed in gcc-mingw-w64-base (Closes: #757259).HEADdebian/14.2masterStephen Kitt
2014-07-31Release.debian/14.1Stephen Kitt
2014-07-31Take the threading model into account when stripping libraries.Stephen Kitt
2014-07-28Release.debian/14Stephen Kitt
2014-07-27Remove obsolete gnat files.Stephen Kitt
2014-07-27Ship the C++ header files in the default location to avoid introducing g++-mi...Stephen Kitt
2014-07-27Add mingw32 transitional package.Stephen Kitt
2014-07-27Use default exception-handling.Stephen Kitt
2014-07-27Provide both Windows and POSIX threading models.Stephen Kitt
2014-05-05Until #747141 is fixed, correct dh_installdocs' versioned dependency.debian/13Stephen Kitt