BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterExpand the list of moved regexes list using codehaus/gitorious phrases.Paul Wise6 weeks
modularizeuse https:// url in GPLSimon Kainz10 months
debian/0.7commit 8defcec7a5...Simon Kainz6 months
debian/0.6commit b9f79cf8fe...Simon Kainz6 months
0.3commit 4f746de7d1...Simon Kainz13 months
0.2commit 67a172ad14...Simon Kainz14 months
0.1commit ca05c6a472...skainz-guest2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-03-08Expand the list of moved regexes list using codehaus/gitorious phrases.HEADmasterPaul Wise
2015-02-14Expand the list of moved regexes listPaul Wise
2015-02-14Wrap the moved regexes listPaul Wise
2015-02-09Also detect web pages that say the project "has moved"Paul Wise
2014-10-23update manpage, add documentation for error levels and certainty levelsdebian/0.7Simon Kainz
2014-10-23fix version number in --version outputSimon Kainz
2014-10-23really change standards version to 3.9.6Simon Kainz
2014-10-23 Releasing 0.7Simon Kainz
2014-10-14Releasing version 0.6debian/0.6Simon Kainz
2014-10-14now skip debian/control check without error if file does not existSimon Kainz