BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterSuppress warning about empty .md5sums file if it's expected to be emptyAxel Beckert29 hours
wheezy* Take patch from 2.0.52+nmu2 from Axel Beckert to suppress reportingAxel Beckert9 months
debian/2.0.52+nmu3commit 2cbb494182...Willi Mann5 weeks
debian/2.0.52+deb7u1commit 93f0179b68...Holger Levsen6 months
debian/2.0.52+nmu2commit 9a2203f651...Axel Beckert9 months
debian/2.0.52+nmu1commit db232ae2be...Axel Beckert19 months
debian/2.0.52commit fd18253d36...Ryan Niebur3 years
debian/2.0.51commit 1f31351da7...Ryan Niebur3 years
debian/2.0.50commit 54d36f9c51...Ryan Niebur3 years
debian/2.0.49commit 71edec9a3b...Ryan Niebur3 years
debian/2.0.48+nmu3commit 1e125992f7...Ryan Niebur4 years
debian/2.0.48+nmu2commit 3173ca6eeb...Ryan Niebur4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
29 hoursSuppress warning about empty .md5sums file if it's expected to be emptyHEADmasterAxel Beckert
30 hoursRemove superfluous parentheses in foreach loopAxel Beckert
30 hoursUse "use warnings;" instead of "perl -w"Axel Beckert
30 hoursUse "!~" instead of "! =~" for better readabilityAxel Beckert
30 hoursSimplify parsing of dpkg-{parsechangelog,query} outputAxel Beckert
30 hoursBroaden character set which is considered a valid version numberAxel Beckert
30 hoursImprove readability by using consistent spacing and indentationAxel Beckert
42 hoursAdd "Testsuite: autopkgtest-pkg-perl" headerAxel Beckert
42 hoursAdd lintian override for copyright-refers-to-symlink-licenseAxel Beckert
43 hoursdebian/copyright: Convert to machine-readable DEP5 formatAxel Beckert