BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix ordering to succeed in single cfengine pass.Andreas B. Mundt12 days
squeezeWrite network configuration also when converting an installation.Andreas B. Mundt2 years
wheezyImprove the setup of the chroots for FAI and diskless machines.Andreas B. Mundt7 months
debian/0.19commit 8351f44616...Andreas B. Mundt2 months
debian/0.18commit abf38fd39e...Andreas B. Mundt3 months
debian/0.17commit 519af06ec1...Andreas B. Mundt4 months
debian/0.16commit 5442596a82...Andreas B. Mundt5 months
debian/0.15commit da2bbf4a37...Andreas B. Mundt9 months
debian/0.14commit 89571a799c...Andreas B. Mundt10 months
debian/0.13_bpo70+5commit 2a6502b512...Andreas B. Mundt10 months
debian/0.13_bpo70+4commit b841ddab89...Andreas B. Mundt12 months
debian/0.13_bpo70+3commit eb5f1b6eaa...Andreas B. Mundt16 months
debian/0.13_bpo70+2commit 4ff018e08f...Andreas B. Mundt17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 daysFix ordering to succeed in single cfengine pass.HEADmasterAndreas B. Mundt
12 daysInvalidate the sssd cache when adding/removing content.Andreas B. Mundt
2015-02-18Workarounds: #759424 (di-n-a) removed, #774033 (deadlock) added.Andreas B. Mundt
2015-02-18Fix package names on i386.Andreas B. Mundt
2015-02-18Switch to sssd everywhere.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-12-31Prepare release.debian/0.19Andreas B. Mundt
2014-12-31Fix some issues with di-netboot-assistant and preseeding.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-12-05Prepare release.debian/0.18Andreas B. Mundt
2014-12-05Enable SSL for dovecot imap server.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-12-05Work around broken di-netboot-assistant only if necessary.Andreas B. Mundt