BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterPrepare release.Andreas B. Mundt6 weeks
squeezeWrite network configuration also when converting an installation.Andreas B. Mundt18 months
wheezyPrepare release to backports.Andreas B. Mundt3 months
debian/0.15commit da2bbf4a37...Andreas B. Mundt6 weeks
debian/0.14commit 89571a799c...Andreas B. Mundt2 months
debian/0.13_bpo70+5commit 2a6502b512...Andreas B. Mundt3 months
debian/0.13_bpo70+4commit b841ddab89...Andreas B. Mundt5 months
debian/0.13_bpo70+3commit eb5f1b6eaa...Andreas B. Mundt9 months
debian/0.13_bpo70+2commit 4ff018e08f...Andreas B. Mundt10 months
debian/0.13commit 6cd3bcfa2a...Andreas B. Mundt12 months
debian/0.12commit 227fbf6dd6...Andreas B. Mundt14 months
debian/0.11commit c2a2ca48fa...Andreas B. Mundt14 months
debian/0.10commit 48f2434c7a...Andreas B. Mundt15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-06-19Prepare release.HEADdebian/0.15masterAndreas B. Mundt
2014-06-19Make sure dnsmasq listens on the internal interface.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-16Remove initramfs-tools and memtest86+ from package list.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-16Implement SSHFS_CLIENT class for diskless clients.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-16Modify default restrictions for ssh access (needed for sshfs).Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-14Improve the setup of the chroots for FAI and diskless machines.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-14Switch to NFSv4 everywhere.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-14Minor fixes and improvements.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-06Increase root partition size.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-06Reduce default squid disk cache.Andreas B. Mundt