BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge FAI 4.2.2 modifications.Andreas B. Mundt14 days
squeezeWrite network configuration also when converting an installation.Andreas B. Mundt19 months
wheezyImprove the setup of the chroots for FAI and diskless machines.Andreas B. Mundt3 weeks
debian/0.15commit da2bbf4a37...Andreas B. Mundt2 months
debian/0.14commit 89571a799c...Andreas B. Mundt3 months
debian/0.13_bpo70+5commit 2a6502b512...Andreas B. Mundt3 months
debian/0.13_bpo70+4commit b841ddab89...Andreas B. Mundt6 months
debian/0.13_bpo70+3commit eb5f1b6eaa...Andreas B. Mundt10 months
debian/0.13_bpo70+2commit 4ff018e08f...Andreas B. Mundt10 months
debian/0.13commit 6cd3bcfa2a...Andreas B. Mundt13 months
debian/0.12commit 227fbf6dd6...Andreas B. Mundt14 months
debian/0.11commit c2a2ca48fa...Andreas B. Mundt15 months
debian/0.10commit 48f2434c7a...Andreas B. Mundt16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
14 daysMerge FAI 4.2.2 modifications.HEADmasterAndreas B. Mundt
14 daysNot needed anymore, fixed upstream.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-19Prepare release.debian/0.15Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-19Make sure dnsmasq listens on the internal interface.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-16Remove initramfs-tools and memtest86+ from package list.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-16Implement SSHFS_CLIENT class for diskless clients.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-16Modify default restrictions for ssh access (needed for sshfs).Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-14Improve the setup of the chroots for FAI and diskless machines.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-14Switch to NFSv4 everywhere.Andreas B. Mundt
2014-06-14Minor fixes and improvements.Andreas B. Mundt