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masterupdate agenda with current status of issuesDon Armstrong10 hours
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10 hoursupdate agenda with current status of issuesHEADmasterDon Armstrong
10 hoursadd 2015/03/26 meeting logsDon Armstrong
8 daysupdate agenda to remove new members which was resolvedDon Armstrong
8 daysmove the 3/26 meeting back to 19:00 UTCDon Armstrong
2015-03-10as Kurt pointed out, the chairman vote has no default optionDon Armstrong
2015-03-10support votes without a default optionDon Armstrong
2015-03-10add run_vote command for ctte chair electionDon Armstrong
2015-03-10add missing newline to failure output; > is the proper relationship, not <Don Armstrong
2015-02-27update agendaDon Armstrong
2015-02-26add 20150226 meetingDon Armstrong