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mastersupport : in optionsDon Armstrong7 days
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7 dayssupport : in optionsHEADmasterDon Armstrong
7 daysadd keithp vote on pollDon Armstrong
8 daysadd script to run the poll for the meeting pollDon Armstrong
8 dayssupport specifying quorum; keep default at 2Don Armstrong
2015-03-26update agenda with current status of issuesDon Armstrong
2015-03-26add 2015/03/26 meeting logsDon Armstrong
2015-03-19update agenda to remove new members which was resolvedDon Armstrong
2015-03-19move the 3/26 meeting back to 19:00 UTCDon Armstrong
2015-03-10as Kurt pointed out, the chairman vote has no default optionDon Armstrong
2015-03-10support votes without a default optionDon Armstrong