BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
amqpget_maintainers: remove empty linesAntonio Terceiro3 weeks
masterDocument how to get started without a virtualisation regimeChris Lamb3 weeks
uilib/debci/html/status.erb: Display status information if JavaScript is not av...Brandon Fairchild7 months
0.12commit 5cf9093dd3...Antonio Terceiro3 months
0.11commit d14b8ef4ee...Antonio Terceiro4 months
0.10.3commit d636d9d26d...Antonio Terceiro4 months
0.10.2commit 524697b36c...Antonio Terceiro5 months
0.10.1commit 69d80a344e...Antonio Terceiro5 months
0.10commit de06883b65...Antonio Terceiro5 months
0.9commit 9551b4cb68...Antonio Terceiro6 months
0.8.1commit 5af0a79c7e...Antonio Terceiro6 months
0.8commit f4c18df1ee...Antonio Terceiro7 months
0.7.3commit 87d43f9307...Antonio Terceiro8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-02-09Document how to get started without a virtualisation regimeHEADmasterChris Lamb
2015-02-09Include dpkg-dev in testbedsAntonio Terceiro
2015-02-09improve hacking instructions a little bit moreAntonio Terceiro document the distributed setupAntonio Terceiro
2015-02-08get_maintainers: remove empty linesamqpAntonio Terceiro
2015-02-04add Procfile to ease running daemons in developmentAntonio Terceiro
2015-02-04debci-collector: process new results immediatelyAntonio Terceiro
2015-02-04ignore debci.confAntonio Terceiro
2015-02-04Proper systemd packaging integrationAntonio Terceiro
2015-02-04debci-collector: require one of the backendsAntonio Terceiro