BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debian/unstableEven more fixes for debian/copyright.Thomas Goirand22 months
upstreamgrowpart: change exit values, some fixesScott Moser2 years
debian/0.26-1commit cf8c570600...Julien Danjou2 years
0.26commit 561f1f386d...Scott Moser3 years
0.25commit d9d260c304...Scott Moser3 years
0.24commit 7cf52fcffa...Scott Moser3 years
0.23-0ubuntu1commit 861ae2d2ee...Scott Moser4 years
0.23commit 974471d59e...Scott Moser4 years
0.22ubuntu2commit 7c9604e99a...Scott Moser4 years
0.22ubuntu1commit 3dc6900cce...Scott Moser4 years
0.21ubuntu1commit 9ee8b578bc...Scott Moser4 years
0.20ubuntu1commit 1415c6f084...Scott Moser4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-06-11Even more fixes for debian/copyright.HEADdebian/unstableThomas Goirand
2013-06-11More fix for the debian/copyright fileThomas Goirand
2013-06-11Fixed the Format: URL of the debian/copyright.Thomas Goirand
2013-06-11Added myself as uploader.Thomas Goirand
2013-06-11Re-made the patch.Thomas Goirand
2013-06-11Added a debian/gbp.confThomas Goirand
2013-06-11 * Fixes "trap cleanup EXIT" in growpart: replaces "EXIT" by 0, as itThomas Goirand
2013-01-29Import Debian packagingdebian/0.26-1Julien Danjou
2012-10-01ubuntu-cloudimg-query: add 'serial' to tokens availble in output0.26Scott Moser
2012-10-01remove cloudimg-sync and ubuntu-cloudimg-query2 from mention in ChangeLog.Scott Moser