BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debian-jessieAdd top level Makefile to debian/copyrightMichael Shuler6 months
debian-lennydocument that #413766 is fixed by the introduction of Kern7 years
debian-squeezeAdd d/{changelog,NEWS} entries for 20090814+squeeze1 releaseMichael Shuler13 months
debian-wheezyAdd d/{changelog,NEWS} entries for 20130119+deb7u1 releaseMichael Shuler13 months
masterCorrect concatenated file name in man pageMichael Shuler7 days
debian/20141019commit 2b8a047c78...Michael Shuler6 months
debian/20140927commit ccd7cb4334...Michael Shuler6 months
debian-wheezy/20130119+deb7u1commit 65739b1058...Michael Shuler7 months
debian/20140325commit 1ce8e63dcf...Michael Shuler13 months
debian/20140223commit e366c6282f...Michael Shuler13 months
debian/20130906commit 7e061a19da...Michael Shuler19 months
debian/20130610commit 9f3c12784e...Thijs Kinkhorst22 months
debian-squeeze/20090814+nmu3commit 398ae1f945...Michael Shuler2 years
debian/20130119commit 4771bbe503...Michael Shuler2 years
debian/20121114commit fde3640547...Michael Shuler2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysCorrect concatenated file name in man pageHEADmasterMichael Shuler
2015-01-17Included Mozilla CA bundle adds/removes in changelogMichael Shuler
2015-01-17Add shellcheck changelogMichael Shuler
2015-01-17Fix shellcheck warnings and a little indentationMichael Shuler
2015-01-17Add changelog entries for #774059, #774201Michael Shuler
2015-01-17Add an option to set the certs in a directory to the defaultsPaul Wise
2015-01-17Allow customisation of the paths used by update-ca-certificatesPaul Wise
2014-11-19Update Mozilla certificate authority bundle to version 2.2.Michael Shuler
2014-10-21Dynamically set mode/group of /usr/local/share/ca-certificatesMichael Shuler
2014-10-19Add top level Makefile to debian/copyrightdebian/20141019debian-jessieMichael Shuler