BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
live-data/rawAdd raw live data from 2012-05-09Niels Thykier3 years
live-data/reducedReduce live data sample for 2012-05-09Niels Thykier3 years
masterRetire the repositoryNiels Thykier3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-06-29Retire the repositoryHEADmasterNiels Thykier
2012-06-28Remove cruft in bug-661078 testNiels Thykier
2012-06-28Add test for known case of bug #661078Niels Thykier
2012-06-28Move failing tests to a separate suiteNiels Thykier
2012-06-02Add new test case "basic-dropped-binary"Niels Thykier
2012-06-01Add README.tests to explain how to write testsNiels Thykier
2012-06-01Made auto-generation respect Architectures in "test-data"Niels Thykier
2012-06-01Auto-generate some empty files when setuping up testsNiels Thykier
2012-06-01Create Hints symlink when setuping up the testNiels Thykier
2012-06-01Remove redundant Hints symlinksNiels Thykier