BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debfx/wipDocument changes of the totem profile.Felix Geyer6 months
masterupdate README.Debian with latest revision of pidgin profileUlrike Uhlig8 weeks
debian/1.4commit 63dbcaf1a1...intrigeri4 months
debian/1.3commit be40dfd648...intrigeri5 months
debian/1.2_bpo70+1commit 2b35305d03...Holger Levsen6 months
debian/1.2commit e1ae3e85db...intrigeri6 months
debian/1.1_bpo70+1commit db85ad42b9...Holger Levsen6 months
debian/1.1commit 522c5f00ae...intrigeri6 months
1.0commit 49ca188c78...Holger Levsen9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-01-08update README.Debian with latest revision of pidgin profileHEADmasterUlrike Uhlig
2015-01-05pidgin-blinklightUlrike Uhlig
2014-10-19apparmor-profiles-extra (1.4)debian/1.4intrigeri
2014-10-19Totem profile: allow access to the at-spi2 files and directories.intrigeri
2014-10-18debian/rules: use absolute path to apparmor_parser (Closes: #764726).intrigeri
2014-10-18Document all recent changes in README.Debian.intrigeri
2014-10-18Totem profile: drop inlining of rules that are now part of the dconf abstract...intrigeri
2014-10-18Pidgin profile: drop inlining of rule that's now part of the audio abstraction.intrigeri
2014-10-18Fix logic to make pull-profile-from-ubuntu work again.intrigeri
2014-10-18Version the {build,runtime}-dependency on apparmor to >= 2.9.0.intrigeri