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masterdebian/rules: Use xz compression for binary packages (Closes: #683830)Julian Andres Klode2 years
2012.06.16.1commit e70b52a248...Julian Andres Klode2 years
2012.06.16commit 99663cd037...Julian Andres Klode2 years
2010.11.17commit 376c703699...Julian Andres Klode4 years
2010.08.21commit 90a93f285c...Julian Andres Klode4 years
2010.01.31commit bc0c36faaa...Julian Andres Klode5 years
2009.06.06commit 01ed3b92bb...Julian Andres Klode5 years
2008.11.27commit a117f64e9d...Julian Andres Klode5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-08-06debian/rules: Use xz compression for binary packages (Closes: #683830)HEAD2012.06.16.1masterJulian Andres Klode
2012-06-16Add ${misc:Depends} dependency to app-install-data2012.06.16Julian Andres Klode
2012-06-16Add empty build-arch and build-indep targets to debian/rulesJulian Andres Klode
2012-06-16Copyright fixesJulian Andres Klode
2012-06-16Standards-Version: 3.9.3Julian Andres Klode
2012-06-16New snapshotJulian Andres Klode
2012-06-16tools/compareData: Unicode (who ships unicode desktop files/icons?)Julian Andres Klode
2012-06-16tools/data/rename.cfg: Do not rename glade to glade-gnomeJulian Andres Klode
2010-11-17menu-data/battery-stats.desktop: Keep at 0.3.6-1 (testing has older one)2010.11.17Julian Andres Klode
2010-11-17New snapshotJulian Andres Klode