BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
buildd-0.61.0add changelog for Ansgars patchAndreas Barth14 months
buildd-0.62.4Ensure that Dpkg::Version epoch and revision defaults are used correctlyRoger Leigh3 years
buildd-0.62.5Sbuild::Chroot: Remove apostrophes from perl code run via sudoRoger Leigh3 years
buildd-0.62.6Merge branch 'buildd-0.62.5' into buildd-0.62.6Roger Leigh3 years
buildd-0.63.2debian: Fix typo in changelog versionRoger Leigh17 months
buildd-0.64bin/create-chroot: don't add sudo in debfoster keepersAurelien Jarno6 weeks
dbSbuild::DB::Schema: Use here docs for long SQL code blocksRoger Leigh22 months
masterUpdate HACKING file with current release procedureWookey3 days
multiarch-buildI'm now removing any foreign architectures that I addedDima Kogan13 days
squeeze-backportdebian: Backport 0.63.2-1.1 for squeezeRoger Leigh20 months
release/sbuild-0.64.3commit d0dd2f6df2...Wookey2 days
debian/sbuild-0.64.3-1commit d0dd2f6df2...Wookey2 days
release/sbuild-0.64.2commit 00bacfb970...Luca Falavigna3 weeks
debian/sbuild-0.64.2-1commit 00bacfb970...Luca Falavigna3 weeks
debian/sbuild-0.64.1-1commit 295f8a47b9...Roger Leigh12 months
release/sbuild-0.64.1commit 295f8a47b9...Roger Leigh12 months
debian/sbuild-0.64.0-1commit d7f31eddce...Roger Leigh17 months
release/sbuild-0.64.0commit d7f31eddce...Roger Leigh17 months
debian/sbuild-0.63.2-1.1-bpo60+1commit c0f5735ebf...Roger Leigh20 months
debian/sbuild-0.63.2-1commit d299f7eee5...Roger Leigh2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysUpdate HACKING file with current release procedureHEADmasterWookey
3 daysAdd wookey to uploaders/teamWookey
7 daysMerge #760991 and #608840 hook command changes.Wookey
7 daysAdd changelog entry for multiarch-build featureWookey
13 daysI'm now removing any foreign architectures that I addedmultiarch-buildDima Kogan
13 daysI now add a foreign arch to support foreign Build-DependsDima Kogan
2014-09-12debian: Set distribution to unstablerelease/sbuild-0.64.2debian/sbuild-0.64.2-1Luca Falavigna
2014-09-12NEWS: Finalise for 0.64.2Luca Falavigna
2014-08-09Sort output of package content listingLuca Falavigna
2014-08-09Allow to Define custom debootstrap variantLuca Falavigna