BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
argparsePort adt-run to adt_run_argsMartin Pitt2 months
masterFix eternal hang with previous commitMartin Pitt10 hours
3.5commit 3dbc709a8f...Martin Pitt6 days
3.4.1commit 30b4c4fd47...Martin Pitt13 days
3.4commit 69337066c4...Martin Pitt3 weeks
3.3.3commit 2efb0e7b2a...Martin Pitt4 weeks
3.3.2commit 667140e594...Martin Pitt6 weeks
3.3.1commit 62973f416b...Martin Pitt7 weeks
3.3commit 90d09159cf...Martin Pitt8 weeks
3.2.2commit bea2e55836...Martin Pitt8 weeks
3.2.1commit 69ccb7bb50...Martin Pitt8 weeks
3.2commit 038a08da21...Martin Pitt8 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 hoursFix eternal hang with previous commitHEADmasterMartin Pitt
10 hoursFix invocation of tests so that they retain the default SIGINT handlerMartin Pitt
11 hoursImprove NullRunner.test_timeout_no_output test caseMartin Pitt
11 hoursReorganize NullRunner tests so that most run also as normal userMartin Pitt
11 hoursautopkgtest-reboot: Switch from SIGPIPE to SIGKILLMartin Pitt
35 hoursDifferent Testsuite: value for implicit test controlMartin Pitt
35 hoursCorrectly treat needs-recommends with testbed resetMartin Pitt
36 hourstests: Use apt-doc instead of cpp-docMartin Pitt
5 daysadt-run: Defer GPG key creation until binary publishing timeMartin Pitt
5 daysrun-from-checkout: Use --gnupg-home with our tests/homeMartin Pitt