BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
argparsePort adt-run to adt_run_argsMartin Pitt6 weeks
masteradt-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud: Use host's http[s] proxy in the VMMartin Pitt2 days
3.4commit 69337066c4...Martin Pitt5 days
3.3.3commit 2efb0e7b2a...Martin Pitt10 days
3.3.2commit 667140e594...Martin Pitt3 weeks
3.3.1commit 62973f416b...Martin Pitt5 weeks
3.3commit 90d09159cf...Martin Pitt5 weeks
3.2.2commit bea2e55836...Martin Pitt6 weeks
3.2.1commit 69ccb7bb50...Martin Pitt6 weeks
3.2commit 038a08da21...Martin Pitt6 weeks
3.1commit b50fdd8ed8...Martin Pitt8 weeks
3.0.2commit 8ea90b4929...Martin Pitt8 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysadt-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud: Use host's http[s] proxy in the VMHEADmasterMartin Pitt
2 daysPEP-8 fixMartin Pitt
5 daysreleasing package autopkgtest version 3.43.4Martin Pitt
5 daysFix sourcing of shell profilesMartin Pitt
5 daysadjust ChrootRunner test case for 700962ff9bMartin Pitt
5 daysssh-setup/adb: Fix cleaning up of first-time wizard for non-root adbMartin Pitt
5 daysssh-setup/adb: Stop using system-image-cli to detect an Ubuntu phoneMartin Pitt
5 daysssh-setup/adb: Try common sudo passwords for CIMartin Pitt
8 daysadt-run: Source shell profiles if testbed does not have rootMartin Pitt
8 daysadt-run: Fix $USER in tests if testbed does not have rootMartin Pitt