BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
argparsePort adt-run to adt_run_argsMartin Pitt3 months
mastertests/adt-run: Drop FIXME, replace with explanation what happensMartin Pitt46 hours
3.5.5commit f2ca4c3bd3...Martin Pitt12 days
3.5.4commit acd2beee4e...Martin Pitt13 days
3.5.3commit eb85673ad2...Martin Pitt3 weeks
3.5.2commit c26782f028...Martin Pitt4 weeks
3.5.1commit bc1bbdb2b7...Martin Pitt5 weeks
3.5commit 3dbc709a8f...Martin Pitt6 weeks
3.4.1commit 30b4c4fd47...Martin Pitt7 weeks
3.4commit 69337066c4...Martin Pitt8 weeks
3.3.3commit 2efb0e7b2a...Martin Pitt2 months
3.3.2commit 667140e594...Martin Pitt3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
46 hourstests/adt-run: Drop FIXME, replace with explanation what happensHEADmasterMartin Pitt
46 hoursadt-virt-chroot: Drop support for dchroot argumentsMartin Pitt
47 hoursadt-virt-schroot: Simplify determination of schroot session locationMartin Pitt
2 daysColorize adt-run messagesMartin Pitt
5 daysreleasing package autopkgtest version 3.6Martin Pitt
5 daysadt-setup-vm: Fix missing hashbang of generated /etc/init.d/autopkgtestMartin Pitt
6 daysadt-build-lxc: Implement LXC cache cleanup for btrfsMartin Pitt
6 daysAdd Debian bug ref for previous commitMartin Pitt
7 daysDrop the builtin synthesis of Perl/Ruby tests and use autodep8 insteadMartin Pitt
9 daysFix ordering in .changes parserMartin Pitt