BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
compare-version-acceleratorSpeed-up plan A: use apt's native code compare-versions without forking.Junichi Uekawa7 years
make_list_worktry to make apt-listbugs list to query the version I specify.Junichi Uekawa7 years
masterdo not double encode strings in RSS outputFrancesco Poli (wintermute)8 days
try-index-with-soapremove the header signifying the branchJunichi Uekawa8 years
update-poupdate-poJunichi Uekawa8 years
vimbtsadd a comment on how to use the new feature for vim/emacs changelog-modes in ...Junichi Uekawa8 years
wheezy-updatemake update-poFrancesco Poli (wintermute)16 months
apt-listbugs/0.1.16commit 7c884facb6...Francesco Poli (wintermute)6 months
apt-listbugs/0.1.15commit f1b92cf5cc...Francesco Poli (wintermute)6 months
apt-listbugs/0.1.14commit 12197cc360...Francesco Poli (wintermute)7 months
apt-listbugs/0.1.13commit 3ea093225f...Francesco Poli (wintermute)12 months
apt-listbugs/0.1.12commit 8a298bcae5...Francesco Poli (wintermute)15 months
apt-listbugs/0.1.11commit 7ed573f927...Francesco Poli (wintermute)18 months
apt-listbugs/0.1.10commit 09b833d195...Francesco Poli (wintermute)18 months
apt-listbugs/0.1.9commit eeab028a73...Francesco Poli (wintermute)2 years
apt-listbugs/0.1.8commit 42d82bbfc0...Francesco Poli (wintermute)2 years
apt-listbugs/0.1.7commit 05a62a7dbb...Francesco Poli (wintermute)3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 daysdo not double encode strings in RSS outputHEADmasterFrancesco Poli (wintermute)
2015-03-15discard the (now) useless xarrow variableFrancesco Poli (wintermute)
2015-03-15encode strings for HTML bug listsFrancesco Poli (wintermute)
2015-03-04add b<id> to example output in man pageFrancesco Poli (wintermute)
2015-03-02update VCS browser URLFrancesco Poli (wintermute)
2015-02-23make update-poFrancesco Poli (wintermute)
2015-02-22build with dh_ruby (from gem2deb package)Francesco Poli (wintermute)
2015-01-21clarify the explanation for "-s all"Francesco Poli (wintermute)
2015-01-19add comments for translators about "ignored"Francesco Poli (wintermute)
2015-01-12improve consistency with apt.conf(5) man pageFrancesco Poli (wintermute)